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Hall of femmes

In the spring of 2009, Samira Bouabana and Angela Tillman Sperandio founded the blog Hall of Femmes, the very starting point of the project. Over the next three years, the readers could follow their meetings with some of the world’s most prominent female designers, as well as exploring some of the lesser known sides of the industry. The blog entries range from the beaches of Coney Island in the 1940’s to contemporary Stockholm – they are humorous, moving and insightful. The personal and initiated tone is always present. When they post the last entry, in February 2013, the circle of readers has grown swiftly alongside with the project.        

Sweden : Oyster Press, 2013
8 vol.
23 cm

Photos: ECAL / Leonoor Knulst, assisted by Lena Nyffenegger

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Hall of Femmes is awesome and everyone should read about their work right now

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